Saturday, March 7

All Fluxed Up

Flexy Frederick's been over, last night we recorded a few acoustic songs and this morning, I had the fortune of a tutorial of his OpenFlux value object model he's been working with, which provides easy integration with a client/server model like Cairngorm.

The value object (LinkVO) contains a few variables for holding necessary information about the views of the component, such as the user's name, location of his pic etc...

The link object inherits the properties of a List Item, with the get and set methods overriden to talk to the value object. In the same directory there's a Flux content variable for each view of the component, in this example it's a user name and a photo [degrafa handles the "brand" formatting for the photo, and both look at].

The controller sends the request to the client/server model - I'll have to read Part 2 to find out what happens next... Did I get that roughly right, Freddy? :)

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