Monday, March 30

It's the "Aaargh! Facebook!" Post

I really don't know whether I should just totally delete my account -

and spit vehemontly every time someone says the word, or -

continue using it as an incredibly useful communication tool; everyone I know is on it, therefore, it's remarkably universal.

I joined facebook "back in the good old days", and back then, it was a fairly simple business. It's great that it's become such a phenomena - but with the increased pressure from the media, marketing groups, affiliate programs, yadiyada.. I'm inclined to say I'm losing faith - slowly but surely.

Currently I'm trying to teach the damn advertising bar that I don't like Hot Dates! or Twatty Mobile Phones! whereas Joni Mitchell tee-shirts and cheap flights to weird places are actually okay in my book, and I'm happy for them to appear in my space. It doesn't seem willing to co-operate.

And that should be the whole point behind social marketing. There are things I'm interested in, for god's sake - just take the hint!

Look Facebook - this is all like.. "Hmm! Super interesting!"

Whereas this is all like "Fuck off Facebook!"
I'm off to hear Paul Cusick's debut CD. Sorry girls..

1 comment:

  1. I share your split mind!
    But is the folly of marketing the reason why FB has done so well? Also, lets face it facebook just works. It's an excellent inbox if nothing else.
    And just now they've joined forces with PLAXO - like.
    hmmm... what to do.