Monday, March 2

Keep On Crunchin'

Layoffs.. sigh.

Gladly I'm not affected but still, it's generally causing commotion and I'm finding it hard to find the right position to take in these dark times...

Part of me just wants to shout "This is judgement day, this is what gross capitalisation does to a nation! Don't pretend you haven't seen the good times, now the chips are down - you can't just whine about it! Fight!

But then again, I'm speaking somewhat from the ivory tower, as usual. It seems the major burn is the fact that people run the risk of axing those whose departments they just don't understand - business is still basically an old boys club, and those of us whose roles fall outside of the classic dinosaur hierarchy unfortunately have the problem that the fat cat's literally don't realise what we do for them. Easy meat.

I'd like to think that if mass corporate culture managed to sort it's smeg out and actually let the people who knows what's going on run the show, we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of stuff. Everything would just function in a perfect natural equilibrium.

Although, maybe this is the equilibrium? Maybe we have to suffer now, in order for the next phase of humanity to flourish?

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